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How was the chain saw invented? A single exciting story is that the first chain saw was designed and applied within the 1830s by a German orthopedist for cutting bone. The operator turned the take care of of a sprocket wheel, which moved the chain around a guiding blade. In the 1920s two-person, heavy gas-powered chain saws with extended bars were getting patented. By the 1950s quite a few producers supplied gas chain saws that may be operated by one individual.

A chain saw consists basically of a power supply, a guide bar and a cutting chain. Today's chain saws come in cordless and electric models as well as gas units. And they are not just logging tools any longer. Several homeowners use chain saws to cut down undesirable trees, prune substantial limbs and prepare firewood to heat their homes by way of the winter. Also, some artists use chain saws with specially created blades to create chain saw art.

Lots of home owners prefer gas chain saws. Gas saws supply one of the most power, is often utilized for the most significant jobs and are completely portable. A two-cycle engine that demands a mix of gas and oil for fuel will be the heart of a gas chain saw. Gas models might be fitted with bars of various lengths. They commonly characteristic great bar-oiling systems. Gas chain saws are typically extra pricey and noisier than electric models, but they get the job completed extra speedily with their extra power.

Electric chain saws, having said that, carry on to grow in demand and can satisfy the needs of quite a few property owners who desire to achieve light cutting chores inside 100 feet of an electrical outlet. The plug-and-go convenience and low maintenance of these models attract a great deal of users. Producers suggest employing a heavy-duty outdoor-rated extension cord no longer than 100 feet. The cord really should be 18-gauge for a 25-foot cord, 16-gauge for a 50-food cord, and 10-gauge for a 10-foot cord. And electric chain saws do not need refueling with a messy oil and gas mix.

Portable cordless chain saws deliver the least cutting energy and must be chosen only for the lightest cutting chores. They rely on a rechargeable battery for power, so cutting time is restricted to the charge of the battery. And it may take a lot of hrs to recharge a battery.

Newer chain saw models tout a lot more safety attributes, easy-starting engines and lowered emissions. Anti-kickback capabilities are now readily available on more models than ever. Manufacturers continue to generate gas engines a lot easier to start out, some by employing the recoil with the starter rope to help with all the subsequent get started. And emissions regulations mean cleaner operating internal combustion engines.

A lot of chain saws carry two-year limited warranties on components and labor; although, some chain saws carry just one-year warranties.

Five Crucial Questions It's best to Answer Before You Shop
What do you program to cut? When you anticipate to cut hardwoods, take down large trees and cut massive trunks into firewood lengths, you'll need a potent gas chain saw. You will need to have a heavy-duty engine and extended bar (18 inches or much more) for felling big trees. If you are cutting smaller trees and firewood, you will want an engine inside the 38 cc range or a hefty electric model as well as a bar longer than the diameter of the trees that you plan to fell. If you would like to cut tree limbs and perform other smaller chores, a 33 cc engine or excellent electric motor and 12- to 14-inch bar will do the job. In case you have minimal chores for a chain saw, take a take a look at the cordless models.

Just how much do you program to cut? In case you must clear your property of numerous large trees, you are going to be at it for several hours and several days. You'll want the portability and power of a major residential gas model with a extended bar. Note that any bar length longer than 20 inches is made for expert use. If your cutting wants are additional modest, possibly cutting up firewood each and every season, a smaller gas or good electric saw will fill your requires. And if you simply prefer to prune off a number of smaller tree branches, or even cut tiny firewood, look into the cordless chain saws. Remember that your perform time is going to be limited to the duration of the battery charge on these models.

Is portability a element inside your decision? A lot of homeowners like to plug into an electrical outlet and begin perform. Sad to say, this won't be probable with an electric unit in the event you don't have an electrical outlet within 100 feet of the function web page. Actual portability demands either a cordless or gas engine chain saw.

How lengthy should the bar be? Right here are some suggestions for picking out the appropriate-length bar that you'll will need in your new saw. If you are an occasional and light-duty user, you can get beneficial outcomes from a 12- to 14-inch bar. For general-purpose homeowner use, seek out a 16-inch bar. If you have large jobs, possibly about a rural residence, attempt out an 18-inch bar. And in case you program to complete frequent heavy-duty, large-diameter cutting, you are going to possibly want a 20-inch blade. Ensure that the engine or motor is adequate for the bar length that you decide on.

How much should you pay? Gas chain saws commonly carry greater cost tags than do electric models. And the additional power you call for, the increased the price is going to be. You are able to pick from quite a few good around-the-yard chain saws for less than $150, some even less than $100. Excellent gas units go up from there to $350 or more. You'll want to project just how much you will use a chain saw and whether a additional effective and pricey model will save you time.
Ways to Shop

Once you've a superb concept of regardless of whether you want an electric, gas or cordless chain saw and what length bar will most effective fit your demands, it is possible to consider a number of other aspects, for instance safety attributes, within your acquire.

On the list of main safety concerns though working with a chain saw is kickback; kickback would be the speedy up and back motion of a chain saw, generally triggered when the unprotected nose of a chain saw touches one thing accidentally, such as a log or branch. Some models have a bar-tip guard, that is a steel cover for the nose of the bar to prevent such make contact with. An anti-kickback or reduced-kickback bar includes a narrow nose that also aids eliminate contact with all the tip with the bar.

Extra safety attributes are really worth their cost are a situation or sheath that helps defend you from the saw's sharp teeth after you are transporting it plus a chain brake that stops the chain practically immediately if crucial.

Quite a few other functions support make a chain saw a lot easier and/or more comfy to operate. An anti-vibration program definitely can minimize vibration along with the resulting operator fatigue -- a real plus should you strategy to utilize the saw for extended periods of time. An automatic chain-oiler will relieve you of the have to don't forget to depress the plunger that releases oil onto the chain. And tool-free chain adjustment relies on a wheel-and-crank mechanism that you simply operate by hand to lock and unlock the bar so that you'll be able to adjust chain tension with no a screwdriver or wrench. This is a neat and handy function, however it just isn't a necessity.

You can want a well-balanced saw. The only technique to inform what's comfy for you personally is usually to deal with several models and compare them. Attempt a slim saw with a high center of gravity for very good balance.

Finally, you'll need to consider both the manufacturer and also the retailer, specifically when you consider you desire a gas engine chain saw. A gas engine saw will require standard service by a technician, so make certain your retailer is authorized to service your obtain. And normally read the instruction manual and adhere to safety guidelines just before employing your new chain saw.

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